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If you have a need for geared speed reducers, True-Tech has the experience to supply your needs!
If it has gears - we know it!

Wind Turbine Gearbox Applications with AGMA Class 11 Helical Gearing.


Aluminum housing double reduction Worm Gear Unit. Can be built with multiple configurations.
Special Flanged Mounted R/A Helical Bevel Unit.
Sumitomo Motor Direct Shaft Mount Gear Unit
Great for conveyors and other equipment - No more V-Belts and Pulleys!

A matched set, custom built Conveyer Drive Gearboxes for Ford Motor Co. Special Ratio and  Improved Bearings & Seals 50,000 Hrs Run Time.

Heavy Duty Flender Conveyor Drive built for Ford Motor Co. Special Bearings & Seals for 50,000 Hours Run Time

True-Tech design Gearboxes, Right and Left hand Units for Mold and Die Loader Track Drives.


Special Spiral Bevel, Zero Backlash Gear Unit with Compensating Adjustment Shaft

We routinely rebuild Amarillo Gear and Marley Cooling Tower Fan Gearboxes. Please notice our professionalism and detail regarding this very critical application. Many North American Power Producers utilize our company for this service. We provide great value to our customers who utilize our precision components & rebuilds. Performance and dependability are improved, plus they receive a quicker return on their investment.


A short list below of some of our packaged Gearbox and Gear Motor brands and styles which we routinely modify and improve for extended run and duty cycles.


Sumitomo Drives: Click on the 3 images below for more


Click the Stober Image for more information.

Click the Radicon Image for more information.