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              It wasn’t until a customer visited our facility and remarked, “Gee, you guys are really green!” that we realized just how long we have been implementing a “green ” philosophy.  (We always thought we were just doing the right thing.) Every day we help other companies get closer to “green”.   In our 30 years assisting companies, we have kept more than 170 million tons of quality steel and iron from the smelting and blast furnaces. This results in huge energy savings. Plus, pollutants such as flux and catalyzing agents, carbon, sulfur dioxides and mercury are kept out of our atmosphere, lakes and streams. Not to mention the effort and energy use hauling off the components, separating the elements, melting them down (or worse, selling as scrap metal), smelting them to make material for new components and selling and shipping raw materials and products back to our North American manufacturers. Over the short and long run, we help mitigate negative effects on the health of the people and our planet. The whole goal of “green” is to reduce our carbon footprint – we do that!

           Ask this: Does it really make sense to decommission certain well-built, critical components, spending millions of dollars tearing them out of our manufacturing facilities, just to buy new replacements, possibly light-duty and cheaply-made, which may not perform as well as what has been doing the job for many decades?  For example, when we rebuild a critical piece of plant equipment we have the opportunity to modernize its design and function with state-of-the-art machining processes, incorporate hard wear-resistant coatings developed and time-tested by NASA, ultra-precision roller bearings, advanced sealing components, and advanced methods for shaft, rotor and disc balancing. These and more allow us to improve rotating equipment to meet or surpass current and future performance and efficiency standards, and to give our manufacturers a competitive edge. We feel good when we know we have built something which is going to last and help in keeping our country’s manufacturing facilities viable and competitive. If you think about the alternative before you scrap it out, you could be saving your company thousands or even millions of dollars on the next maintenance or capital expense project and then you, too, will be closer to being green!


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