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Wind Energy

We have been assisting Wind Farm and Wind Turbine owners for many years and as this industry has matured in the United States, we needed to act and train the next generation of certified Wind Turbine technicians. We are proud to have been part of the inception of the first and only globally certified American BZEE Wind Turbine Technician Academy right here in Kalamazoo, Michigan. It all began in 2009 and consists of a disciplined 24-week program with Certified Wind Turbine Instructors in electrical, mechanical and safety aspects. This course is like none other in the United States. State of the art facilities, hands on lab with two working utility scale Wind Turbines, onsite Wind Turbine training tower, leading edge technology tools and equipment for installing and servicing utility scale Wind Turbines. The  KVCC Wind Turbine Technician Academy also has established service agreements with utility companies, wind turbine owners and manufacturers which allow our students to perform supervised, certified service procedures on their wind turbines. This hands on opportunity allows the students to be fully capable and ready for full time employment.

Please feel free to read the insert below and view the hyperlink above for more information. This Academy is 100% focused.

Insert from our Academy page:

The Kalamazoo Valley Community College Wind Turbine Technician Academy provides a fast track to high demand/high pay jobs. Wind Turbine Technicians play key roles in the operation and maintenance of power generating wind turbines. A Wind Turbine Technician is needed for every 10 turbines.

Operators of wind farms and wind turbine manufacturers report that quality technicians are difficult to recruit. With the push in this country to generate 20% of our energy with wind by 2030, the demand for highly trained technicians will only increase. Because of the shortage, most companies require overtime of up to 30 hours per week. Technicians start out in a range from $30,000 to $45,000 annually before overtime and benefits. General contractors hire technicians for the work of setting up and commissioning new turbines. Manufacturers, operation and maintenance firms hire technicians for predictive maintenance and troubleshooting.

Kalamazoo Valley Community College in Kalamazoo, Michigan has established a competency based program which will provide graduates credentials that are highly sought after by the wind power industry for construction, operation and maintenance of utility size wind turbines.

The Wind Turbine Technician Academy (WTTA) is a 24-week, competency-based training program, designed to ensure graduates have demonstrated mastery of core technical skills essential to perform effectively and safely as an entry level wind turbine technician. Program content aligns with the knowledge and skill requirements for success in manufacturers' training programs where proprietary systems are explored.

The units of study which make up each module are presented in a sequence which assures a theoretical foundation and an opportunity to practice using the technology in the learning lab. The program of study combines lecture, demonstration, and laboratory exercises to facilitate learning. Safe work practices are stressed and consistently practiced.

The Kalamazoo Valley Community College (KVCC) WTTA is certified by the Bildungszentrum für Erneuerbare Energien (BZEE) (pronounced B - Zed - E - E), headquartered in Husum, Germany. This premier wind turbine technician training organization was founded in 2000, through the work of a consortium of leading wind turbine manufacturers in Europe. Industry leaders continue to guide and direct the curriculum which adjusts frequently to the changes in technology and with research-based process improvement.

Academy graduates will earn:

Kalamazoo Valley Community College Certificate of Completion - The Certificate of Completion will be awarded to graduates who successfully complete the program. The certificate is based on satisfactory scores on the knowledge tests, practical examinations, and adherence to program guidelines.

Transcript of Competencies - Over the course of the program, more than 35 specific competencies will be assessed. As skills are demonstrated by the students, a Transcript of Competencies will be signed by the certified instructors. At the conclusion of the program, the Transcript of Competencies will serve as a specific reference an employer can use to evaluate the student as a job candidate.

BZEE Wind Turbine Technician Certification - The Wind Turbine Technician Academy participates with the Renewable Energy Education Center - BZEE (Bildungszentrum für Erneuerbare Energien). The BZEE is recognized internationally as the premier training provider for Wind Turbine Technicians in Europe and North America. The world's leading wind turbine manufacturers, as well as logistics and maintenance firms developed the standards and provide on-going input and support. These relationships assure BZEE certified Wind Turbine Technicians have the skills and competencies required by employers.

Graduates of the Wind Turbine Technician Academy at Kalamazoo Valley Community College will be afforded the opportunity to earn a certification through the BZEE. They will become part of an international pool of certified technicians from which employers can find workers to hire.

BZEE Wind Turbine Technician certification will be earned by students who successfully complete the Wind Turbine Technician Academy; achieve a satisfactory score on the BZEE written certification tests and on the BZEE practical skill assessments; and complete a minimum of three weeks field experience on a wind farm. Students earning this level of certification will receive a certificate suitable for framing, a wallet card, and their contact information will be entered into a database accessible by employers as they look for candidates for employment.


Becoming a Wind Turbine Technician changes the term: just going to work





Below: Wind Turbine Gearboxes and Main Shaft Bearing Assembly, True-Tech Industries/Titan Technologies International show booth from North American Wind Energy Expo.

Hanson 1.5 MW Wind Turbine Gearbox



GE 1.5 MW Wind Turbine Gearbox with forced lube system attached


New style SKF Wind Turbine Main Shaft Pillow Block Support Bearing. Each year you think you have seen it all, but every year technology improves design, service & reliability.


Certified Bolting Tools for Wind Turbine   Applications. True-Tech Industries/ Titan Technologies International show booth with full range of hydraulic torque wrenches and tensioners


Below: Showing our buildup of 4-Stage Planetary Pitch and Yaw Gearbox finished in our 316 stainless steel Epoxy top coat. Fasteners being torqued with our Titan T-1 and T-3  Hydraulic Torque Wrenches.


Below: Complete Rebuild of Valmet, Bonus 300 Wind Turbine Gearbox.

We wish to invite owners of Wind Turbines such as: Bonus, Nordtank/Vestas to discuss our services, to keep these units operating efficiently and safely for many years.

Bonus 300 Gearbox as received.



Bonus 300 Gearbox being disassembled after 20 years of service.

Main housing after reconditioning.



Main housing after reconditioning.

Resetting of reconditioned Gears & Shafts,  new Bearings and Seals.



 Rebuild Complete, Bonus 300 Wind Turbine Gearbox, Main Shaft and Bearing Assembly.

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